Please be patient as I update these (Photography and HDR have been updated 12/2011)

Photorealistic Illustration
100% Photoshop

Gallery of Photorealistic illustration and more. This gallery is 100% Photoshop from scratch, no Photos, scans, 3D, Illustrator or 3rd party plug-ins used. All pure unadulterated Photoshop. Just the way we like it! (Click image to launch)

Compositing - Photoshop and Photography

Check out the crafty mix of Photography, Illustration and a little photo-manipulation. This gallery of tasty cocktails will inspire the Photoshop-holic in you. I like to call this style "PhotoIllustration".

Collaging and Design

Mixing images together and then throwing the kitchen sink at it. I guess there are more elequent ways of saying Collage and montage. Enjoy this "kitchensink" mix of imagery.

Photography Camera

This gallery is the result of staring through a tiny viewfinder and then staring at a big one called a monitor. These are some of the photos that I have taken over the years, a few are film, but most are digital, a few are retouched and some are untouched.



This gallery is a collection of before/after retouches. Some subtle and some dramatic. There is a collection of "dramatic" retouches that were needed for a salon portfolio (each one was done in 5 minutes), It won't be hard to guess which ones those are.

HDR Photos

I have been involved in High Dynamic Range Photography for several years now.

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