Categories include:

Design Elements
Classic Color
Classic Black & White
Modern Design Elements
Wrought Iron
Tiny Design Elements
Urban Design Elements

Ornamental Designs
Modern Scroll Designs
Advanced Scroll Designs
Advanced Scroll Designs 2
2 Color Scroll Designs
Chinese Floral Designs
Japanese Floral Designs
Mexican Designs
Celtic Designs
Indian Designs
Floral Frieze Designs

Corner Designs
Floral Designs 1
Floral Designs 2
Floral Designs 3
Floral Designs 4
Rectangle Floral Designs
Rule Line Designs
Enhanced Scroll Designs
Classic Scroll Designs
Classic Frieze Designs
Wrought Iron Designs
Renaissance Scroll Designs

Frames & Panels
Ornamental Panels 1
Ornamental Panels 2
Ornamental Panels 3
Ornamental Panels 4
Ornamental Panels Color
Advanced Panels
Advanced Panels Color
Floral Panels
Hanging Signs
Circle Floral Frames
Hand Drawn Ribbons
Floral Ribbons
Simple Ribbons
Torn Parchments
Torn Parchments Floral
Sign Panels

Extra Designs
Exquisite Birds
Exquisite Ladies
Exquisite Animals
Sign Shapes
Flower Baskets
Art Deco Girls
Ornamental Dingbats
Color Dingbats
Floral Dingbats


Price: $229.00 Offer only valid in USA, Canada, Australia and Western Europe.)



Price: $229.00 Offer only valid in USA, Canada, Australia and Western Europe.)

©2006 PhotoshopCAFE - Photography and design Colin Smith
Clipart deSIGN is very pleased to present the most powerful collection of design elements, ornamental art, scroll designs, flourishes, frames and panels ever!

We believe that this package is a must have for every designer, sign maker and creative professional. Read below to find out why:

:: Quantity - Talk about numbers! This package has been created with a very generous attitude. The "good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over" mentality is what stands behind our creative efforts. The result: 12,800 high quality vector images ready for professional use.

:: Quality - Despite the huge number of images, there is never a compromise in the quality standards Clipart deSIGN is famous for. You will be amazed at the vector perfection these images possess.

:: Diversity - We made sure our customers will have an abundance of styles and categories to choose from. There are 58 creative categories in this package and even more visual styles to choose from.

:: Usefulness - We have provided not only ready to go designs, but a considerable number of design elements that will enable you to create your own custom designs. Discover the power of these creative tools now!
:: Professional - Why do we call our art professional? Check out the properties of our images to find out why:

::: Vinyl Ready - Our images are intentionally prepared for vinyl cutting. This means closed paths, no overlaps, no crossed lines, no intersecting objects. Perfect for signage and vehicle decoration.
::: Optimized - We made sure to optimize and reduce the point numbers of our vectors - this way they will cut faster and smoother and if used in flash they will have a much smaller size than usual.
::: Exquisite - The perfection of detail in each line is what we pay special attention to. We believe our images are the most exquisite and perfected vectors you have ever seen.
::: Clean - You will enjoy clean details and easy to edit images.

:: Pricing - No greed stands behind our pricing. Generosity and willingness to provide amazing value for your money is our ultimate goal.

:: Try Before You Buy - We encourage you to download the free vector samples and see for yourself the quality of the vector art.


Price: $229.00 Offer only valid in USA, Canada, Australia and Western Europe.)

Design Elements
Classic Color Up
Classic Black & White Up
Modern Design Elements Up
Wrought Iron Up
Tiny Design Elements Up
Urban Design Elements Up
Ornamental Designs
Modern Scroll Designs Up
Advanced Scroll Designs Up
Advanced Scroll Designs 2 Up
2 Color Scroll Designs Up
Chinese Floral Designs Up
Japanese Floral Designs Up
Mexican Designs Up
Celtic Designs Up
Indian Designs Up
Floral Frieze Designs Up
Corner Designs Up
Floral Designs 1 Up
Floral Designs 2 Up
Floral Designs 3 Up
Floral Designs 4 Up
Rectangle Floral Designs Up
Rule Line Designs Up
Enhanced Scroll Designs Up
Classic Scroll Designs Up
Classic Frieze Designs Up
Wrought Iron Designs Up
Renaissance Scroll Designs Up
Frames & Panels
Ornamental Panels 1 Up
Ornamental Panels 2 Up
Ornamental Panels 3 Up
Ornamental Panels 4 Up
Ornamental Panels Color Up
Advanced Panels Up
Advanced Panels Color Up
Floral Panels Up
Hanging Signs Up
Circle Floral Frames Up
Hand Drawn Ribbons Up
Floral Ribbons Up
Simple Ribbons Up
Torn Parchments Up
Torn Parchments Floral Up
Sign Panels Up
Extra Designs
Exquisite Birds Up
Exquisite Ladies Up
Exquisite Animals Up
Snowflakes Up
Medallions Up
Shields Up
Sign Shapes Up
Flower Baskets Up
Bullets Up
Art Deco Girls Up
Ornamental Dingbats Up
Borders Up
Color Dingbats Up
Floral Dingbats Up



Price: $229.00 Offer only valid in USA, Canada, Australia and Western Europe.)

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