Lightroom 4 for Digital Photographers

with Colin Smith
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THE award-winning A-Z guide to using Lightroom (PPA Hot One Award winner). One of the most-loved training resources is new for Lightroom 4! Learn all the new features and workflows. No matter your level, you can quickly master Lightroom 4 with effortless ease.
This is the most comprehensive video on the market for Lightroom. Learn how to import, organize, develop and output all your captures with effortless ease. Enjoy in-depth coverage, pro techniques, secret tips and Colin’s way of breaking down even the most complex tasks into quick and easy to understand techniques. You’ll spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the camera!

If you are new to Digital Photography,an old-hand or someone looking to learn the “correct” way of doing things, look no further. Watch over Colin’s shoulder as he demystifies Lightroom. You’ll learn all the shortcuts, tips and tricks from a true expert. Do you ever get frustrated with tutorials that don’t work in the real world? In many cases Colin shows you multiple methods so that you can choose the one that’s best for your photo. This is not like other training videos. The techniques aren’t from a classroom bubble. This is what works today in the real-world. There are no monotone presentations with boring uninspiring images. You’ll learn tons, you’ll have fun and most of all you’ll be inspired. See why millions of people are passionate about PhotoshopCAFE training. (30,000,000 to date).

$99.99 $29.99

Getting Started

1. Welcome:
Set up exercise files, import sample catalog

2. Overview:
What is Lightroom?

3. Preferences:
Essential Lightroom Preferences

4. RAW
RAW files explained

5. XMP sidecars
Understand XMP, your key to sharing raw files

6. DNG
What is DNG and how Lightroom can help

7. Importing Locally
Locally Import images from your hard drive

8. Auto Import:
Set up a watch folder to automatically import images

9. Volume Browser
Viewing disks and space remaining

10. Personalize
Create custom Identity Plates and use logos for End Markers

11. Panel Management
Working with the panels efficiently


12. Grid View
Working with Grid view, thumbnails and view options

13. Grid Viewing Tip
Tip to view multiple photos in grid view

14. Stacking
Making molehills out of mountains

15. Auto Stacking
Automatically stack photos by capture time

16. Lights Out Mode
Viewing your photos on a virtual light box

17. Loupe
Using the loupe view to get a closer look at images

18. Compare
Comparing images against each other to find the best

19. Survey View
Viewing multiple images at once

20. Understanding Previews
How previews work, make them efficient

21. Dual Monitors
Working on Multiple monitors


22. Catalogs
Setting up your Catalogs

23. Upgrading Catalogs
Upgrading Older Catalogs

24. Folders
How to manage and use folders

25. Collections
How collections can save a lot of time

26. Quick Collections
Save time with quick collections

27. Target Collections
A neat way of speeding up organization

28. Smart Collection
Automatically create live collections

29. Exporting catalogs
Export Catalogs from Lightroom

30. Importing Catalogs
Bring catalogs into Lightroom Managing your catalog on multiple computers

31. Optimize Catalogs
Make Lightroom run faster and smoother

32. Backup
Backup catalogs and your images


33. Metadata
Understand metadata and apply it to your photos

34. Metadata Templates
Save metadata templates and presets, then re-use them

35. Rating, Flag, Label options
Ratings, flags and labels options

36. Ratings
Rate your photos

37. Flags
Use flags to mark photos

38. Labels
Identify photos with colored labels

39. Filter Bar
Blast through sorting with the new Filter Bar

40. Exchange Metadata
Exchanging info between Lightroom, Bridge and Photoshop

41. Keyword basics
How to use keywords to organize images

42. Keyword sets
Save time with custom keyword sets

43. Suggested Keywords
Use the new Suggested Keyword feature


44. Time Change
Change the time-zone of your photos

45. Straighten
Straighten crooked photos

46. Cropping
Crop to certain sizes and creatively

47. Redeye
Get rid of the dreaded redeye with ease

48. Cloning and Healing
Get rid of blemishes on your subject

49. Painter tool
Using the painter tool to copy a wide range of settings to multiple photos

50. History
Use history and snapshots to look at versions of your photos

51. White Balance
Setting the correct White Balance

52. Presets
Saving and using Presets


53. Quick Develop
Making quick adjustments in the Library panel

54. Histogram
Histograms explained and used

55. Adjustments Overview
Using the tools in the Basic Adjustments Pane

56. Fix Overexposure
A nice workflow to make a dead photo pop and sizzle

57. Fix Shadow
Understanding and using curves for targeted adjustments

58. Curves
Understanding and using curves for targeted adjustments

59. Color control
Use HSL and color control

60. Add Grain
Go for a film-like grain look

61. Auto Lens Correct
Automatically fix lens distortion

62. Lens Corrections
Manually adjust geometric Distortion on images

63. Chromatic Aberration
Removing color fringes

Advanced Adjustments

64. Adjustments Brush
Dodging and Burning and more
65. Portrait Retouching
Special Considerations for adjusting skin tones
66. Gradient Adjustment
Graduated Neutral Density filter effect

67. Basic Grayscale
A basic Grayscale conversion and special considerations

68. Advanced Grayscale
A look at more advanced grayscale workflow

69. Split tone
Using split-tone on grayscale images
70. Cross Processing
Using Split-tone on color images for a cross-processed effect

71. Noise reduction
Get rid of the noise in a photo
72. Sharpening
Understanding and using the sharpening tools

73. Lens Vignette
Compensating for lens vignette. Add a vignette for a creative feel


74. Virtual copies
Understanding Virtual copies and how to use them

75. Edit in Photoshop
Integrate Photoshop with your Lightroom Workflow

76. Photoshop Special Features
Doing special processing with Photoshop and Lightroom

77. Batch processing
Process multiple images at once

78. Syncing
Syncing RAW files with Bridge, Lightroom and Photoshop

79. Exporting Images
Exporting photos out of Lightroom
80. Sync with Flickr
Share files with Social Networks

81. Camera Calibration
What is Camera Calibration?

82. Tethered Shooting
Connect your camera to shoot directly into Lightroom

83. Watermarks
Create Watermarks that can be used in many ways


84.Video Intro
An intro to working with video in Lightroom

85. Video Adjustments
How to apply creative adjustments to videos to create stunning looks

86. Video Export
Getting your video out to the world


87. Email Photo
A Quick Slideshow

88. Impromptu Slideshow
A Quick Slideshow
89. Slideshow starter
Selecting Images for a Slideshow

90. Customize Slideshow
Customize your Slideshows
91. Slideshow Custom Text
Adding custom text to slideshows

92. Music to Slideshows
Add music to your slideshow presentations

93. Export Slideshows
Exporting Slideshows for use on CD or Email

94 .Soft Proof
See what you get before you hit the print button
95. Printing
Printing photos and contact sheets

96. Picture Package
Creating Picture Packages

97. Custom Layouts
Layout pages for books or printing/Exporting


98. Book Overview
Books in Lightroom and getting started with auto layout

99. Adjusting Layouts
Move photos around
100. Adanced Layouts
Changing page layouts and building a book

101. Text in Books
Beautiful typography is within reach
102. Captions and Output
Adding captions and outputting your book


103. Maps Overview
Geotagging your photos

104. Maps Locations
adding and searching for locations
105. Maps Reverse Geotagging
adding GPS coordinates to ordinary photos

106. Privacy in Maps
Hiding geolocation from your output metadata


107. Web galleries
An overview of web galleries
108. HTML Galleries
Customize the HTML Galleries

109. Flash Galleries
Customize the Flash Galleries
110. Airtight Galleries
Fancy Flash Galleries and how to customize

111. Upload Galleries
Upload your galleries to your website, or export to disk

112. Thanks and Goodbye

113. Uploading this video to the iPad and other Devices


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