Introduction to ArtRage

with Stephen Burns

Create realistic Paint effects

Have you ever craved a digital format that accurately replicates realistic paint effects like oils, water color, acrylics and more. ArtRage is the program that everyone is raving about! “Introduction to ArtRage” will train you how to use this popular new digital paint software to create paintings that look like traditional media.

Stephen Burns will quickly make you feel comfortable with the interface and tools within ArtRage. Learn from a passionate artist, who also has the ability to teach. Stephen chooses ArtRage because the oil brushes look and feel like you are painting with oils on canvas. The water color is the best digital water color in the industry. The crayons react like the waxy sticks that we remember using as kids. Custom canvases can be applied as the paints actually react with the texture of the canvas. Every tool is covered. You will understand tool preferences and how to customize them to suit your digital painting needs.

This tutorial also instructs you how to customize a Wacom tablet, this provides a natural paint brush feel through the computer.

Get into Artrage and have a blast!

Introduction to the DVD

View the introduction as to the motive of the lessons in this DVD.

Wacom Tablet lesson

Stephen talks about his tool of choice, the Wacom Tablet, and gives some helpful pointers on his technique.

Getting to know the interface

Learn how extensive ArtRage is in its capability to bring traditional media to the digital world.


Learn how to customize the interface and tools that accommodate how you create artistically.

Oil Brush

Discover the joy of realistic looking oil techniques in ArtRage.


If you ever desired that true to life look of the pencil on textured paper then you are going to love ArtRage's Pencil.


This tool is going to take you back to memories when you were a kid playing with the Crayola Crayons- you might even smell the wax.


If you have ever desired a digital watercolor tool that actually reflects how water and pigment reacts with your paper and canvass then you will be impressed with how well and how fast ArtRage applies its technique.

Roller Tool

Find out in this chapter how Roller Brush can be applied to your canvas.


Chalk is one of the oldest tools for creative expression and ArtRage made sure to include it. Learn how to modify its settings to apply the look of chalky pigments onto your canvas.

Palette knife

Palette knives come in a variety of shapes, sizes textures. Learn how to control its extensive settings to create techniques that add to your artistic vision.

Gloop Pen

This is an unusual tool in that it blends the technique of watercolor with nature of thick pigments. Learn how its various settings can apply unusual effects for a unique look.


Learn how to apply the subtle technic of color transitions in size and opacity that the traditional airbrush masters so well.

Ink Pen

Learn how to create calligraphic technics that the ink pen is so well known for.

Glitter Tube

This is a fun tool that will allow you to spray fun glittery texture to give your painting pizzazz.


Thats right- you can apply text for your birthday cards, holiday cards and brochures in ArtRage. Learn how to apply various fonts, color and resize text to add a personal touch to your artistic image.


Remember the plastic stencils that you used in your drafting and art classes? Well they're here as well, and you can custom create them from any shape that you create.

Photo Compositing

In his lesson, you will see the power of ArtRage as it interacts seamlessly with Photoshop. You will create the initial composite in Photoshop and import the layered result in to ArtRage to finish your vision.

Importing Photoshop Brushes

Here you will learns how to create and import your favorite brushes from Photoshop into ArtRage.

Sticker Spray Auto Flatten

In ArtRage, you can create brushes that paint with images and this is only done through the Sticker Spray. Here you will learn just how to custom create a variety of creative brushes.

Creating Paintings from Photos

Here is where you will pull together all that you have learned and learn to create paintings from photographic images.

Tracing Images

For speed of production, artists have used tracing paper to quickly record their initial vision. Here, you will learn how ArtRage creates and applies tracing paper to further your creative workflow.

Reference Images

For all of those who choose to paint from scratch completely, this chapter will address workflows that ArtRage provides.

Closing Thoughts

Stephen signs off, giving you some more resources.

Stephen Burns on PhotoshopCAFE TV- San Diego, CA

Watch Colin Smith interview Stephen Burns at his legendary San Diego Photoshop users group.


Add realism to your 3D scene by creating custom brushes that will add water splashing effects


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