Shooting and Processing HDR PANORAMAS

with Randy Hufford

Unmatched detail, unmatched range, make your photos amazing!

Have you ever been in this scenario? You are at a beautiful location, at the right time with that “once in a lifetime” shot in front of you. You seem to be able to capture some of it in your camera, but are missing the full majesty that you are seeing. The fact is, your camera is limited compared to your eyes. You need to find a way around these limitations, don’t you?

HDR enables you to capture every piece of detail, the colors, the textures and the emotion. Take that and turn it into a full sweeping panorama and you have the recipe for breathtaking images that will cause your viewers jaws to drop.

Randy Hufford will be your personal coach, as he reveals the secrets to capturing the full intensity of the scene using these techniques. Take a front row seat, and witness the rare combination of someone who has mastered both the production and post production processes. Join him on location in Hawaii. This live footage adventure will change the way that you photograph landscapes forever.

Complete HDR Panorama workflow

Running time: four hours of indispensable training that runs on MAC/Window or copy the video to your mobile devices for anywhere viewing

“Shooting and Processing HDR Panoramas” is your guide to capturing incredible landscapes.

4 complete start to finish shoots
Selecting the right gear
Pull the most natural result from your images.
Finding the “no parallax” point of your camera
Calibrating the Nodal Ninja
Full HDR Workflow explained
Shooting Panoramas
Post processing workflows
Avoid the pitfalls and maximize your results in Photoshop.
Extreme Tone Mapping
Natural Tone Mapping
Pseudo HDR workflow
Tone Mapping and Photoshop Workflow
Photomatix Pro Batch Processing
On Location in Maui Hawaii


Randy welcomes you and explains what to expect.

Panorama Tripod Head (08:40)

Randy shows you the tripod head of choice for shooting panoramas, and discusses the concept of the "no parallax point."

Living Ocean Capture (04:46)

At Secret's Beach, photographing the images for "Living Oceans" panorama.

Living Ocean Workflow (41:52)

Randy shows you how to process and stitch together "Living Oceans."

Majestic Mountain Capture (06:52)

On top of MT. Haleakala, in the West Maui Mountains, photographing the images for "Majestic Mountain" panorama.

Majestic Workflow (44:26)

Randy shows you how to process and stitch together "Majestic Mountain."

Top of the World Capture (02:35)

At Mt. Haleakala crater, 10,000ft up in the air, Randy photographs the images for "Top of the World" panorama.

Top of the World Workflow (42:53)

Randy shows you how to process and stitch together "Top of the World."

Top of the World Pseudo HDR Workflow (27:06)

Randy shows you an alternative version of "Top of the World" using a pseudo HDR technique

Terrestrial Glow Capture (03:12)

At Science City, one of the most sought-after locations in the world for ground-based telescopes, at the summit of Haleakala, Randy photographs images for "Terrestrial Glow" panorama..

Terrestrial Glow Workflow (54:38)

Randy shows you how to process and stitch together "Terrestrial Glow."

Closing Thoughts (01:36)

Randy gives his closing thoughts and points you toward more resources in your journey of mastering HDR Panoramas.

Podcast (05:16)

Watch Randy Hufford talk with Colin Smith, on top of Mt. Haleakala, and get a glimpse of the print shop at IVA Maui.

Panorama Outtakes (06:22)

A hilarious behind the scenes look at the making of "Shooting and Processing HDR Panoramas."

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