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Lightroom Workflow for Wedding Photographers

Frank Salas


Learn Lightroom for Wedding Photography.

Have you ever wanted to watch over the shoulder of one of the top working wedding photographers and see how they process their images? Do you wonder how they work in Lightroom? How do they organize and sort though their shoots? How do they give the photographs those finely crafted looks? On top of that, a busy working photographer has to be fast, very fast!

Award winning master Wedding Photographer Frank Salas, shares his latest Lightroom 5 techniques. From Organizing and importing digital files to Library and Develop module workflow and adding extreme colors and vintage effects to creating the perfect black and whites, and more, it’s all here.

In just 2 hours, learn exactly how one of the leading photographers in the world processes his award-winning photographs. The advanced interface allows you to watch full screen, go to any lesson and have complete control over the interface, You can also transfer this video to your mobile devices, for an on-the-go learning experience.

Watch over the shoulder of a sucessful wedding photographer and see exactly how he processes his photographs.

Lessons Include

File handling, archiving
Import settings, keywords, culling files,
Rating, sorting and organizing
Camera Calibration
Create and Organize presets
Standard proofing images
Advanced Adjustments
Tone curve adjustments, Lens correction, Noise reduction, adding Grain
Adjustment Brushes-
Targeted temperature adjustments.
Burning and dodging techniques,
Radial filter,
Diffusing and Gradient effects.
Adding color and Vintage style tones
Black and whites (part 1)- Working with black detail
Black and whites (part 2)- Working with white detail
Exporting your Final images

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Product Description


Frank gives you an overview of his wedding workflow.

File Handling

Frank shows you the basics of downloading, file handling and archiving processes in Lighroom 5.

Library Module

Learn about import settings, keywords, culling files, rating, sorting and organizing plus renaming options.

Develop Module

Intro to the Develop Module, featuring Camera Calibration, and creating and organize presets.

Standard Proofing

A step by step on how to make the perfect proof in the develop module.

Advanced Adjustments

A demonstration of Tone Curve adjustments, Lens Correction, Noise Reduction and adding Grain

Adjustment Brushes

Target temperature adjustments. Burning and dodging techniques, Radial filter, Diffusing and Gradient effects.

Colors and Vintage Tones

Learn about adding color and Vintage style tones to your photographs in Lightroom 5.

Black and Whites Part I

Working with black detail.

Black and Whites Part II

Working with white detail.


Exporting your final images

iPad Instruction (02:11)

Moving this video onto a mobile device.

Frank Salas

Frank Salas

Recently named as one of the top wedding photographers in the world, Frank Salas continues to be one of the most successful wedding photographers in Southern California. Frank is recognized as a Master Photographer and a Photographic Craftsmen by the Professional Photographers of America. He is also frequent speaker at WPPI and other national and international conferences. Frank is widely recognized for his Wedding photography techniques and digital training. His images are continually featured in various high profile publications. Frank Salas has been awarded eight times “Wedding Photographer of the Year” by Professional Photographers of Orange County, California. His wedding images have garnered him numerous awards including Multiple Loan Collection, the prestigious Kodak Gallery Award for Photographic Excellence, the coveted Fuji Masterpiece Award multiple times and recently PPA’s 2013 Grand Imaging Award in the Wedding Category.

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