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Lightroom 3 Enhancing, Effects and Integration

Jack Davis

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Enhancing and Retouching – within Lightroom!

Follow along as Jack Davis, one of the world’s leading experts on digital imagery, guides you through ALL the incredible, life-saving features of Lightroom 3’s Develop module! Jack’s emphasis is always to explain the WHAT of a technique, as well as the HOW and the WHY behind it. And a technique is only great if it is also fast, flexible and easy to replicate, not only once or twice – but to hundreds of images at once, and that’s exactly what Jack will teach you! Whether it’s instant Optimizing, jaw-dropping Enhancing or subtle Portrait Retouching, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll be able to do within Lightroom 3’s Develop module, without even needing to open Photoshop! And when you DO need Photoshop, Jack will guide you through the Smartest way to integrate the two programs seamlessly!

Includes free Bonus Lightroom training from Adobe Evangelist Julieanne Kost


Total Run Time: approx. 6 hours

This DVD ROM contains over six hours of indispensable training in beautiful, razor-sharp video. The advanced interface allows the you to instantly jump to any of the lessons with complete control over the playback, including Full Screen. All the lesson files are provided, including integrated Before & After Snapshots, so you can see exactly the settings that are used and follow along at your own pace!

If you are a photographer, designer, enthusiast, or anyone who works with images, beginner to professional, this knock-your-socks-off training course is for you!


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Product Description

Welcome to Quick, Creative and Quality Image Enhancing with Jack Davis!

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn in this in-depth title on Optimizing, Enhancing and Retouching in Adobe’s amazing Lightroom 3. Fasten your seatbelt!

Essential Lightroom Preferences

Significantly simplify your workflow with some options in Lightroom’s Preferences dialog so you can get back to actually shooting!

Lightroom Interface Overview

Get to know the “Ying & Yang” of Lightroom’s UI, and receive an overview of some of its most useful timesaving shortcuts.

The Instant Four Step Optimizing Tango

Dramatically optimized color and tone for the majority of your images in just four easy steps? Understanding what’s possible with the Develop module’s Basic panel will make it so!

The Power of Curves

When the Basic panel can’t get the tone of your image just where you want it, the elegant features in Lightroom’s Curves panel will allow you to fine-tune the details to perfection.

Color Optimizing Enhancing and Retouching

The Hue Saturation and Luminance panel in Lightroom has the ability to go beyond simple color fine-tuning, all the way to “retouching” and creating amazing and instant special effects.

Sharpening Demystified

Lightroom 3 has an all-new processing engine that enables its Sharpening to be more effective than before. Jack will show you powerful, controlled sharpening in order to bring out the details in your image.

The New Noise Removal Redemption!

The Develop module’s updated Details panel has some mind-bendingly cool new features for removing noise from your photographs, a lifesaver if you like shooting at night or in high ISO settings.

Camera Calibration and Profiles – and How they will save you Time!

In this lesson you will learn about the Camera Calibration panel and its set of custom camera profiles, and how to fine-tune them so you have complete control over how your RAW files will come into Lightroom.

The New Lens Corrections Panel

In Lightroom 3, Adobe introduces built-in Lens Corrections. Here you’ll learn how to easily correct for lens and camera angle distortion, as well as vignetting.

The Game-Changing Power of Targeted Adjustments

The incredible capabilities of Lightroom’s Graduated Filter and Adjustment Brush tools will change your life and are the reason why you’ll be spending a lot LESS time making side trips to Photoshop!

Directing Light and Color with the Graduated Filter

Jack thoroughly examines the Graduated Filter tool and shows you how shaping tonal density and color tint can dramatically intensify the stories within your photographs.

Graduated Vignettes and an Introduction to the Adjustment Brush

Discover a quick method for creating “framing shadows” in your photos using the Graduated Filter tool, and get an intro to the miraculous Adjustment Brush.

Dodging and Burning with Auto Masked Adjustments

Learn how to use the Adjustment Brush to make targeted adjustments to your photos, especially landscapes.

Shaping Light with Auto Masked Adjustments

Watch and learn how Jack uses the Adjustment Brush to “change the weather” (and thus the scene's light) to enhance the drama and dimension in a beautiful landscape portrait

Extreme Dodge & Burn Portrait Resuscitation

Capture an image but the backlight is just too much in the “grab the shot before it’s gone” moment? Jack will show you how to make silk purses out of a shoot’s less-than-perfect photos

Portrait Dodge & Burn Tonal Control Indepth

Learning how to shape the subtleties of light within a portrait – especially in the eyes, skin and hair, can make the difference between an image being a great photo and an invaluable family heirloom

Glamour Retouching within Lightroom!

What? Come on, really? Not only remove blemishes and intensify eyes, but do the whole “romantic glow, perfect skin, perfume ad” look as well? Just wait and see…

Depth of Field Distraction Blurring, Part 1

If you understand how it works, the new processing engine in Lightroom 3 allows for not only the Sharpening of selected areas of an image, but also the targeted Blurring of areas as well – invaluable with reducing distracting details in a photograph.

Depth of Field Distraction Blurring, Part 2

Another project showcasing techniques for changing the apparent focus of an image after the fact using the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom.

REMOVING Distractions in a Photo

The Spot Removal tool was never designed for actual retouching in Lightroom, but watch it perform miracles once you understand its multiple options and hidden capabilities.

REDUCING Distractions in a Photo

Often times in Retouching it’s not about removing an object from a photo, as much as it is about reducing a distraction, like the proverbial shine on someone’s face. In this session Jack gives insights on the "partial patching" possible within Lightroom.

CLONING Elements in a Photo

What if you want to MOVE as well as REMOVE elements within a scene? If you understand how the Clone, Heal, and Opacity work together within the Spot Removal tool, you’ll find that even cloning SHEEP is an option!

Retouching Unleashed – A Review of How Far you can Push Lightroom

Photoshop is still The King when it comes to retouching, but knowing the tools at your fingertips in Lightroom will let you decide when an adventure into Photoshop is necessary. This session will change your mind about exactly what is possible right within Lightroom.

Black & White Massaging in Lightroom and Faux IR Effects

There is no better place to interpret your color Raw files into Black & White masterpieces than in Lightroom’s HSL panel, especially once you see Jack’s expressive dance of converting colors to tones!

Black & White Portrait Possibilities

The dramatic possibilities of Black & White landscapes in Lightroom are amazing - but the subtle yet powerful ability to shape SKIN TONE in a Portrait… well, the control you will learn in this session will put a smile on your face!

Split Toning, Tinting and the Creation of Presets

Once you understand the sliders and the order in which to adjust then, you’ll find the Split Toning panel in Lightroom is better than any tinting capabilities in Photoshop. And with the power of Presets, the ability to unify the color of a series of photos is a snap!

Antiquing, Glows and the Syncing of Effects

Sometimes the muting of color and contrast can strengthen an image's impact or story better than by accurately defining or exaggerating them. In this session, Jack will teach you simple techniques to create a “glowing patina” that will set your images apart.

Instant Targeted Black & White Coloring Effects with Hue, Saturation and Luminance

In this lesson Jack will show you how to INSTANTLY allow one specific color of a scene to remain while making the rest monochromatic. Then learn how to make a Preset that will help automate this magic for future use.

Hand Black & White Coloring Effects with the Adjustment Brush

But what about times in which it’s not a specific color in a scene you want to “recolor” but instead an object, perhaps a multicolored object? Yup, the Adjustment Brush and its Auto Mask to the rescue!

High Key Effects – the Dramatic Exaggeration and Reduction of Image Detail

This session will teach you easy ways to minimize the subtle distractions of unnecessary details in a portrait (like wrinkles and skin texture), while enhancing the details of the most essential portions (like eyes and lips) for beautiful graphic results!

Faux HDR Effects and Instant Illustrative Edge Techniques

Yes, “Grunge” is IN – maybe too in! But extending the High Dynamic Range of a photograph IS incredibly useful, whether taken to extremes (hence the “Illustrative Edge” description) or simply used to pull out details in a scene. In this session Jack will show you how to achieve this with one image and two simple steps!

Fine Art Hand Tinting in Lightroom

Painting in Lightroom? The surprises just keep on coming! Lightroom has better hand-tinting effects than you can get in Photoshop–with absolute control (and it's a kick in the pants to do, too)!

Photoshop Integration – Essential Preferences

As incredible powerful as Lightroom is, you will need to go into Photoshop for the heavy lifting. This session will show you your options on how best to set up Lightroom for this round trip excursion!

Photoshop Integration – Shareable Smart Filter Recipes

Extensive retouching, Collaging and Filter effects are all things best done in Photoshop. And if you can maintain the integrity and flexibility of your original Raw file WHILE you do all your PS magic, all the better! This session will show you how to create Jack’s “Charge More Money” effect using a non-destructive Smart Filter Recipe!

Photoshop Integration – Smart Adobe Camera Raw

One unique aspect of embedding your original Raw files into Photoshop as part of your workflow is that when you DO want to re-edit your Lightroom adjustments WHILE in Photoshop, you can do so by making a side trip into Adobe Camera Raw! All will be revealed in this session.

Photoshop Integration – Back to Lightroom

And now the wayward son needs to return home to Lightroom – back to its original catalog along side its brethren. But now what? Can you go back again into Photoshop? If so, how best? Multiple (and very cool) options await you!
Jack Davis

Jack Davis

Jack is co-author of the award-winning and best-selling guide to Photoshop, "The Photoshop Wow! Book," as well as an award winning designer / illustrator / photographer and contributing editor to numerous other books on digital imagery, design, and on-line communication. He is an internationally recognized expert on digital imagery and the visual communication process. He has lectured at conferences and universities throughout the US, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil and Australia, as well as leading numerous workshops around the US and abroad. He teaches as part of the "Dream Team" at the National Association of Photoshop Professional's Photoshop World Conferences. Jack was recently inducted into the NAPP Photoshop Hall of Fame.

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