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How to turn a signature into a watermark in Photoshop tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial shows you all the steps to make a watermark from a signature. How to make the signature and prepare it in Photoshop so you can add your personal signature to your images. You will also learn how to make it reusable.

Create Realistic Lightning in Photoshop Tutorial

Here is a nice little tutorial to show you how to electrify your images with lightning in Photoshop. This spooky graveyard will have lightning added in Photoshop, we will make our own lightning, no cheating by adding a photo.

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Advanced Color Correction with Levels Photoshop Tutorial

This technique is a contrast/tone and color correction technique all in one. Once you run through this, you will see how just about any image can be improved and you will use this technique many times over. For a number of years, this was just about the only correction technique that I used

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Reflective Liquid type Photoshop Tutorial

Tutorials on creating metal type abound online, as do variations on simple liquid effects. Most are fairly short, offering a good foundation for the reader on how certain effects are achieved but fail to take that extra step (or few steps) to make the piece really shine…

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3D Cubes Photoshop Tutorial

I have been asked a few times, how to make a 3d cube in Photoshop. here is the manual method. This tutorial will show you how to transform shapes and work with gradients to add realistic shading.

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