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JAN/FEB 2006: Advanced Photoshop Magazine

The Jan/Feb 2006 Issue of Advanced Photoshop (Highbury England) Featured a 2 page spread on Colin Smith's Photoshop work. The emphasis was on his Photorealistic illustrations from scratch entirely in Photoshop. (The airman picture is a Photomanip/Illustration)

The cover Disk featured 3 of Colin's pieces as Desktop Wallpapers in 3 different resolutions.

The text from the article, written by Karl Foster

Hailing from California, but born in Glasgow, award-winning Photoshop illustration guru Colin Smith is a fiercely independent designer who, when he started out, decided to avoid following the work of others. “In a way, I’m glad that was the case so that I’m not trying to be someone else,” he says. “However, I was very much influenced by the work on George Lucas’ and Steven Spielberg’s movies. This gave me the inspiration to begin photo-realism in Photoshop. I love the way they create other worlds.”

Colin has two approaches to his photo-realistic compositions, the first of which he calls “digital still life”. “In this case I have the solid object in front of me and create it in Photoshop,” he explains. “I prefer this method to photography because nothing is left to the imagination. I’m not limited by dynamic range or the viewing angle.” His second tactic is entirely down to the imagination. “I just picture it in my mind and then recreate it in the physical world. Just for the record, I also enjoy photography and photo-manipulation and my latest thing is mixing photography and illustration together.”

The results of his working methods have certainly been well received, earning him Photoshop Guru awards at the Photoshop World Conventions in 2001 and 2002. He also has a successful career as an educator, with several books and training CDs to his name. “I have just wrapped up my new video Photoshop Secrets CS2 for Digital Photographers,” he reveals. “I originally published CS for Digital Photographers almost two years ago and it was very popular. When updating for CS2, I wanted something that owners of the previous video could grow into and enjoy.” You can discover more about Colin’s training video at and view his extensive portfolio at

//pic: flyman
A composition with an aeronautical theme. Colin makes good use of texture and colour to convey the dynamism of flight

//pic: gameboy_wet
Colin is a specialist at creating photo-realistic images with just the tools offered by Photoshop. Here, Photoshop 6.0 is used to create a Game Boy

//pic: watch copy
This is Colin’s very own wristwatch, painstakingly recreated in Photoshop, rather than in a 3D modelling program


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