Design Challenge 13 | Mobile Phone Case Design


The Challenge: Photoshop smartphone case

Design a fictitious smartphone case!

This can include an original illustration, photograph, photomanip, collage, whatever you like, as long as Photoshop is used somewhere in the creation of the piece (and you have the rights to the artwork used). Props for wit and cunning! Use any original artwork you desire. You may use any tools or platform you choose, but you must use Photoshop for at least 50% of the Image editing/design.

NEWS: We have Bert Monroy as a special guest judge!

WINNERS ANNOUNCED! (Judges comments are coming soon on some of the entries)



Thanks to the Judges: Oliver Ottner (iService & Effectlab); Colin Smith (PhotoshopCAFE & Pixeloverload).
Special Guest Judge: Bert Monroy.


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