design challenge 12

PhotoshopCAFE Design Challenge 12

Status: Entries closed, Finalists announced

This is our 12th annual challenge here at the CAFE (Can you believe it's been 12 years already!). These contests are run to stimulate the design juices and bring a little healthy competition among us. Our contests are different because the gauntlet thrown down is a real-world challenge, kind of similar to a client request (But without the rounds of annoying changes).

The winners will walk away with prizes and respect from the design community. Remember - everyone wins, because you get to show off the best of your talents and fill your portfolio at the same time (And thousands of people will see your work).




The Challenge

Photoshop on Blu-ray.

Design a ficticious Blu-ray cover!

This can include an original illustration, photograph, photomanip, collage, whatever you like, as long as Photoshop is used somewhere in the creation of the piece (and you have the rights to the artwork used).

It's on Blu-ray! It can be a thriller, comedy, action, adventure, sci-fi, mini-series, you name it. The twist? You must use something (anything) from Photoshop in the name (A tool, a filter, menu item etc).

Props for wit and cunning! Use any original artwork you desire. You may use any tools or platform you choose, but you must use Photoshop for at least 50% of the Image editing/design. Photos are acceptable, credit the photographer if you're not the photographer.



Download the template here and create your cover on the "Artwork" layer. When you are done, choose Save for web and save a jpg at 65% quality, use your forum username for your entry. If you submit 2 entires use username.jpg, username-2.jpg.

Go to the Forums here (If you are new you will have to create a free account)


1. Overall impact 40% of score
2. Concept 30% of score
3. Graphics skill 30% of score

The Judges: Avi Muchnick (Aviary & Worth 1000), Oliver Ottner (iService & Effectlab); Colin Smith (PhotoshopCAFE & Pixeloverload).Special Guest Judge. Russell Preston Brown (Senior Creative Director Adobe Systems)

Entry fee

Entry fee? Who charges an entry fee? We are against that kind of thing, so as always, it's free, so spread the word!


2 entries allowed per contestant
You may comment on your entry, eg. concept, creation process, photo credit etc.
Anyone may enter (except judges)
All entries to be posted no later than midnight PST JAN 31, 2012.
No pirated or ripped images are to be used. If you are caught ripping for the contest, you will be banned from all future contests at the CAFÉ.
No pornography or profane language will be accepted.
No political or racist imagery allowed.
Judges decision will be final and no argument allowed.

Finally, Have fun!

Fineprint ...

Any taxes and duties are the responsibility of winners.
Also (because it's free to enter and we don't get any money for this) International winners are responsible for shipping fees, fair enough?
No substitutions or cash value


1st place value $

Adobe: Creative Suite 5 Design Premium value $1,799

Wacom: Intous 4 Medium Graphics Tablet value $369

Autodesk: SketchBook Designer 2011 value $495

Nik Software: Complete Collection Ultimate Edition value $499.95

onOne Software: Perfect Photo Suite 6 value $299.99

PhotoshopCAFE: Training DVDs value $299

and The winner will be featured on the PhotoshopCAFE homepage.


2nd Place value $

Adobe: PhotoshopCS 5 Extended value $999

Wacom: Intous 4 Small Graphics Tablet value $229

Autodesk: SketchBook Designer 2011 value $495

onOne Software: Perfect Photo Suite 6 value $299.99

NIK Software: Color Efex Pro 4 value $199.95

PhotoshopCAFE: Training DVDs value $100


3rd Place value $

Adobe: Lightroom 3 value $299

Autodesk: SketchBook Designer 2011 value $495

onOne Software: Perfect Photo Suite 6 value $299.99

NIK Software: Viveza 2 value $99.95

PhotoshopCAFE: Training DVDs value $49.99


Honarable Mention (up to 2)

SketchBook Designer 2012 value $495

onOne Software: Perfect Photo Suite 6 value $299.99


Up to 30 Finalists value $

Autodesk: Sketchbook Pro 2011 value $79.99

onOne Software: Perfect Effects 3 value $99.99


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