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wrap text to a photo tutorial in photoshop How to wrap text around a photo in Photoshop tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial, I’m going to show you how to wrap text around a photo using displacement maps and image warp. This method will make the text follow every contour and wrinkle and produce a very realistic result. You can wrap anything around any photo using this technique

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Epson SureColor P600 printer review

Epson SureColor P600 tested and reviewed by Colin Smith PhotoshopCAFE. If you are looking for a desktop photo printer that prints up to 13×19 and roll paper, check out the Epson P600 and see how it performed.

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Jetman is real-life Iron man flying beside Jumbo Jet

Yves Rossy is jetman! See videos of jetman flying alongside a jumbo yet and over the city of Dubai. Meet the man who is Jetman, a real life Iron Man!

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Blending layers in Photoshop, Double Exposure Tutorial

The intro to the hit TV show True Detective has everyone talking about the double exposure effect. I have made this tutorial to very closely match the actual look from the show. I hope you like it. Read and watch!

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Cropping to an exact size in Photoshop, ultimate Photoshop crop tutorial

Recently while I was conducting a Photoshop seminar tour, I realized that a lot of people were tripping up with the simple crop tool. It’s not that people don’t know […]

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Thanks for signing up for our world-class drone training. Your links are waiting for you in your email box. (If you don’t see it, check the junk mail folder) kiwicolinMore […]

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Turning on lights in Photoshop tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial, I’m going to show you how to turn on the lights in a photo. I made this car composite where I shot both the car and the background […]

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How to use PhotoshopCAFE site features

This video will show you how to quickly use the new features on photoshopCAFE (This site). Find out what’s here and how to find it quickly! All New PhotoshopCAFE website […]

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Installation walkthrough

FAQ: Read First There are a couple of things that have recently come to our attending and they are a result of increased security and “overreaching” precautions from Apple and Google. […]

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photoshopcafe support

Open a support ticket now! Issues with MAC”” is damaged… MAC USERS, PLEASE READ HERE See the installation walk through tutorial for downloaded version of the PhotoshopCAFE training  FAQ FOR DISKS Q: […]

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How to use the Radial filter in Lightroom

Learn how to use the Radial tool to create ovals of any size, angle and shape in Adobe Lightroom. This tutorial show you how to add circular adjustments to your photograph.

Max attendees

Adobe MAX attendees, welcome! I have added some great resources for you here and I will also add any extra notes etc that pertain to my sessions. HDR tutorial and […]

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What’s new in Camera Raw 5

Tim Cooper The New Local Adjustments in Camera Raw Adobe just keeps making the Raw Converter better and better. With the newest version (Adobe Camera Raw 5.0), we now have […]

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Photoshop CS3 features and tour

By Colin Smith PhotoshopCAFE is please to offer you this launch site for CS3. You will find reviews, articles, tutorials, tips, videos, discussion forums and links to all the important […]

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