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Thread: how to clarify this picture

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    how to clarify this picture

    Hello, i want to clarify a drawing i made. i used pencil first to make a draft , used a black ball point over it and erased the pencil work . i wish to make the white areas of my drawing more clearer as some of the pencil work is stil visible and in the same time make the black lines more sharp . also if i want to add greyishness near the black lines in my picture to make the flowers appear a bit more realistic how do i do that? scan0001 - Copy - Copy.jpg(my original picture)

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    images.jpg this is how i want it to look like

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    49-poppies-01 - Copy.jpg and this is one of the types of greyish touch i would like to achieve

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    image > adjustments > levels (experiment with the sliders) is a good way to brink black lines out,
    to get the grey, just make a grey layer and use blending options to change how it interacts with your drawing?
    you can even make yet another layer above your flower drawing within which you can add the shading.
    hope this helps!

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    If you want the true black lines without the all the pencil mistakes. You need to line trace, use the Pen tool.

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