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Thread: Big Change, No Direction

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    Big Change, No Direction

    Iíll do my best to make this somewhat concise, and semi-coherent, but I need a little help. As an artist, strange as it may sound in this day and age, I have essentially no experience with Photoshop. Iím a painter primarily, but Iím drawn to Photoshop for its uses in illustration as a tool to expedite the preliminary working process. Simple enough so far, but thereís more. I see myself moving from painting into printmaking, specifically, solar plate photogravure where the image would be fully rendered in Photoshop for printing to transparency then on to the plate. I assume the Photoshop Cafe cartooning and digital painting DVDs might be of use in learning steps to achieve this, but thereís still more. Given the influence that photography has had on my work (at least from an inspirational perspective) I would like (if itís possible/effective/necessary) to apply photofinishing-type steps to the illustration rendering to bridge the gap between drawing/painting and photography. I have no idea what software is most appropriate for this goal or what collection of instructional DVDs might be of use in learning the techniques. I would be happy to have any direction, and am grateful for your careful consideration of the question.


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    You should check out Randy Huffords DVDs on printing at
    Also I recommend this one as a great training video for getting up to speed on working with photographs in Photoshop:

    Check out this free article by Gregg on printing

    There are more coming soon too.

    BTW, Welcome to the CAFE

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