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Thread: Matching tones across multiple B&W images

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    Matching tones across multiple B&W images

    I have three archival black and white images. I would like to use them all in one project, but each image is slightly different in tone (one has the slightestslightest sepia tinge, one has a really bright silvery tone and the other is, let's say, a "standard" b&w). My question is whether there is an obvious and easy way to adjust the pictures so that they are tonally consistent. I realize I could tinker with hue/saturation/brightness, etc., but I have tried and feel I am just blindly try to match things without any understanding of what I really need to do in order to get the result I want.

    Do you have any advice? Any shortcuts? Or is this really a question of tinkering? If so, any general guidelines I can follow?

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    Just make them all Grayscale first and then edit them the same way from there out?

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