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Thread: Selling: Advanced Photoshop Magazine Collection (78 issues) UK, near Reading

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    Exclamation Selling: Advanced Photoshop Magazine Collection (78 issues) UK, near Reading

    I'm located near Reading in the UK and am selling a nearly complete collection of Advanced Photoshop magazine. It's currently on ebay (UK) so here's the blurb from the auction.

    I've collected Advanced Photoshop since the premier issue came out in 2005 but I stopped reading them and never cancelled the subscription.

    The collection is complete from the premier issue to issue 93 this month except for 3 missing issues: 19, 20 and 39. Luckily, these back issues can still be purchased direclty from the Advanced Photoshop website for 6 each when I last checked at the start of this month. Many of the others in the collection are not available any more. I'm still hoping I might find the missing issues in which case I would be happy to send them to winner.

    The first three issues were published by Highbury (October 2005, Nov/Dec 2005 and Jan/Feb 2006). The magazine was then taken over by IP Image Publishing. They changed the numbering scheme and published the 4th issue labelling it as issue 16. So to be clear, the first three issue don't have numbers, just dates, while the subsequent issues start at number 16. Five of the magazines are missing their CDs but the rest still have them stuck on their back page.

    Total weight is about 25kg. I'll cancel the ebay auction if I get a reasonable offer.

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