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    Learning tutorials

    If you know of any good free Ps on-line courses to go through, please could you let me know ...

    I have tried a couple by 'deke' but the style doesn't work for me - too much like Jim Cramer (Mad Money CNBC)

    I have found some YouTube vides by Ranash eg
    Found this presentation approach & explantion to be very good.

    Also worked my way through these:

    Pretty good .. guy knows his stuff, and puts it over well.

    I'm not into creating works of art, or something Warhol would be proud of .. just the ability to tweak, adjust, cut extracts etc. to make best of my photographs. (mainly underwater pics)

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    PlanetPhotoshop, NAPP, Adobe's web site

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    thanks a lot for these .
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    Good stuff indeed. What kind of style do you wish to learn? It would help if you can tell people so that someone could suggest a good tutorial for you to look through.

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    I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!
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