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Thread: Zooming in with Photoshop CS4 Animation

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    Zooming in with Photoshop CS4 Animation

    If I have a picture as part of an animation in Photoshop CS4, is there a way to zoom in on it? I know how to scroll across the photos, but I can't figure out a way to zoom.


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    The way you normally "zoom" with 2D images is to start with a really large image, then crop the area you want to zoom into. Next reduce the large image size and then you create the illusion of zooming by scaling up the cropped pic from 0px x 0px to it's full size.

    Set the registration point of the cropped pic in the center and when it is at 0px by 0px, place it right in the center of where that area is on the large image and then scale up to 100% from there.

    I hope that helps.
    Cheers, Frank

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