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Thread: The winners of DC 12 are announced!

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    Thanks a lot for the comments dogtrombone and theomatheo.

    Those are good tips, but I think more on the general side. I was thinking more of specific tips and insights for improvement for each of the entries. I think it would make a good case study and also show us things that we got blinded to after working on our designs for too long.

    Or maybe things that we would never have thought of.

    I think looking at your design for a long time is somewhat like listening to a recording of white noise. After a while, it blends into the background and you can't hear it anymore...

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    Wow! Congratulations to the winners and all the finalists, very well deserved.
    Congrats to the judges and sponsors too.
    Marcello Mussa a.k.a Mussarela from Brazil

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    Congrats to the winners and finalists,very well deserved

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