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Thread: alittle critique please?

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    alittle critique please?

    Just wondering if some of you extreemly good artists would give a newbie some pointers on how these pics i made could have been better? all welcome...and thank you...

    USAGRAPHICX2 png.jpg

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    and this one too..please...and ty
    fire woman5 fire start- blk.png

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    Cmon guys I can take it...please...give some pointers please...these were my first time entering into a contest and you all do some amazing work...

    hoping someone is brave. thx!

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    I like the first one a whole lot more. The image and idea are good. The cards feel a bit flat, maybe do more with the shadows on the cards. THe shadow on the girl is pretty good. The typography needs work on both. Im not crazy about the colors either.
    Having said that, I like the textures on the cards.
    The second, you have a nice job of the fire and the shading on the face, but the colors and composition don't grab my attention.

    Hopefully this isn't too discouraging, you show some skills and promise. I suggest that you seek out more information on composition and typography, this will help you a lot.

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    ty colin not discouraged at all...need that ..and ty...and will check into the composition and typography ..ty ty

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    The first image is really nice! It reminds me of these grindhouse movies from the 70's

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    Let see - I'll pick on the first one & PLEASE remember this is only my opinion, besides this is good practice for me :-)

    I'll start at the top, pick out the main subject of the image you have way to many things happening
    Defined Variables Shadow or outer glow in the top text plus the "D" is off the image. - you may want to kern the words more space between the letters. makes it easier to read
    The shadows on the girl are opposite from the shadows on the box underneath.
    the girl head is above the card I should be able to see the border on the card unless she is popping off the card, then make her really stand out.
    Change the font on the lower portion of the card I find it too hard to read suggest a good serif font.

    she looks over exposed to me the arms are missing & there is a red shadow on the top of the hood you may want to burn it in a bit

    I do like the texture on the cards really cool & the font on the card works for me as well.

    hope this helps

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