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Thread: Design Challenge #12 Finalists announced!

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    Guys, Thank you so much for the cheering and support, really you make my day, gracias!

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    Congrats to all the finalists and participants.
    Thank You Colin e the Judges
    Good luck to all.
    Marcello Mussa a.k.a Mussarela from Brazil

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    Thank you all so much for this opportunity! I am so STOKED to be a finalist! There are some awesome entries here!!!

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    Congrats to all the finalist and kudos to the judges. The contest is an amazing challenge and all who entered are winners for they have been competing with the best. Thanks Colin can't wait to see whats next.

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    Congratulations to all the DC12 finalists!

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    Congratulations to all finalist....

    Congratulations to all finalist....
    Pleasure to meet Amazing Artist in the world..
    Millions Thank to cafe for the contest.

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    Congratulations to ALL the participants to DC12. Hope to see many more of this fine quality contests in the future! Judges, many thanks for the effort! Kiwi Colin Rules! )

    Good luck to all.

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    Oh my god cant believe this

    MY GOD!!! What is going on......?

    I thought that finalist entry called "minimum" is a image place holder... and I LOOKED and LOOKED again, I can't TRUST my eye that it is a qualified entry......and a FINALIST......... geeeeeeee, what the heck happen here, I could've throw a a ghost face on that pitch black BG and call it "blur image" and I will be on that list.........

    beside that, I love some of the works, really good works:
    Honorable mention :: jcdesign (this is AWESOME! I love pen and path! SOOOOOOOOO cute!)
    3rd place :: stevegray (Just like a master piece of painting, Harry has a new beautiful classmate)
    finalist :: elemento (i like the comp)

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    Dansk freelance grafiker
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    Great work all.. Some of the pieces is amazing

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