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Thread: Color Correction In Imac Screen

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    Color Correction In Imac Screen

    Hello Friends,

    I am designing a dossier about a musician, photos from this dossier have to be send for web site of this artist as well.

    I am doing color corrections, levels, contrast etc. with photoshop and the Imac screen. Is this okay? Do you have anything to suggest to do this in a proper way? What I want is, I want to get the same levels and colors that I see now on the imac screen in the PDF dossier and web site.

    So far, everything looks much darker when printed at home

    Thanks a lot!
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    You can't adjust for every screen. The best you can do is make sure your screen is calibrated right. You can't, however, run around and recalibrate every single monitor to look the way you want it to (not least because I bite people who try to color calibrate my machine without permission).

    The numbers don't lie, and they don't change. If it were for print, I'd say get yourself a process color book to check against, but web isn't standardized. Web-safe colors are the best you can get, but it sounds like you're doing photos, so that's not very useful.

    Also, RGB and CMYK don't actually exchange very well. For example, that 255, 0, 0 (FF0000) pure RGB red doesn't exist in CMYK. You can only make a close approximation and choose colors that show up well in both CMYK and RGB - like yellows, greens, blacks... If I come across any decent information on this, I'll pass it along, but unfortunately a lot of dual-designers (web and print) don't actually notice or care about the colors matching.

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