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Thread: D.Windt - Save or Burn

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    D.Windt - Save or Burn

    Pun intended.

    An extreme movie. Only the choosen will watch.

    At the fork in the road, one road is well travelled on and one is not. You know which way you are expected to go but which way do you go? The choice is yours, the consequences aren't.

    Thanks to who inspired me to do this image. Thanks to Dreamstime royalty-free stock photo collection for the photos of the hands. The whole image was created in Photoshop.
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    I strived for shock tactic with this DVD cover. It is very personal. So personal that even if you don't believe the contents of such, the flock believe it includes you regardless. This is no Pandora's Box. Multitudes think they know the contents of this box and leave it well alone. Only those searching will find the secret within, the promise discribed on the back. "All welcome."

    Good hope everyone.

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