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Thread: Halo. :) I'm new here...

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    Halo. :) I'm new here...

    Hi guys,

    This may be a little late, but just realized that I haven't formally introduced myself yet.

    I'm Dear Daniel, The Endearing Designer.

    I actually joined the forum to take part in the latest Design Challenge, so mostly been posting in there. But I decided to take a look outside that section and just realized how huge this forum is.

    Also just realized that this is the first Photoshop / Design forum that I've ever been a member of, so hope to be a bit more active here as well.

    A bit about me...

    One of my great passions is in business, marketing and entrepreneurship. I previously owned a successful marketing and business consultancy. I grew tired of it, retired out of that, and have currently jumped to the field of art and design, which is another one of my great passions.

    I hope to develop a new full-time career in art and design, just like most of you guys here are already doing.

    I really enjoyed reading about Colin's journey on the About Page, and found it inspiring. Hopefully I can be just as amazing with Photoshop one day in the future. Well, hopefully...


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    welcome to the cafe daniel | Graphic Design resources

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    Thank you mhc1001

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    Above the ground Under the stars Between the wind

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    Yes sir, welcome this is the only forum for me too from whitch I'm a member....

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    Welcome to the Cafe my friend.

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    Thank you for the warm welcome, Dawn, Hermie and Jering.

    Nice to meet you guys.

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