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Thread: Getting Started in Photography.

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    Getting Started in Photography.

    Since my other post was deleted and not moved I will restart it here... Sorry if I posted it in the wrong place I usually suck at figuring out where to post in forums.

    Anyways I was getting started in photography and I am completely green when it comes to it. All I know is the cheap digital cameras that I am told are junk. I beleive it was Hermie and Elemento that I was talking to. They suggested the Nikon and Canon brands to look into to get started. Due to the fact that they have basic lenses that can interchange later when I get more into everything. Does this mean that they are pretty universal lenses? Or are there certain brands to keep an eye on with the lenses?

    I was looking at Canon Rebel T2i 18MP on I am looking on QVC because they have easy payments so basic free financing on their products. Anyone have any other resources to look up cameras either for cheap or that do some kind of financing?

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    Nikon and Canon are professional camera making companies. They both have excellent features and both are user friendly. Whether it comes for a portable digital camera or for a high definition still photography, these two brands have never let their customers' satisfaction level come down. As it comes for the lenses, then regarding it the companies make lenses which not only gets fit for its own device but also gets adjusted to other cameras. It may be a sort of joint venture or even increasing marketing strategies.

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