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Thread: Pictures are not crystal clear

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    Pictures are not crystal clear

    Hi guys,

    I am semi pro canon camera T1i with 18-55, 70-300mm and 50mm 1.8f. No matter what I do my pictures does not come crystal clear, any suggestions on this, or is it just my Camera.

    Thank you
    Junaid Afzal
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    Try and take the photos. With a much hier number on the aperture. If you use a aperture of 1.8 the photos look sharp in the middle and blurred on the edges.
    If you use an aperture of 22 than the whole image is sharp.
    Try to google apertures and experiment with that.
    It also means a slower shutter speed. So google that and try it for yourselves...

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    Are you using a tripod? Most children I know do not stand still for very long and that might be why it is not that sharp.

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    Mmmmm i don't think that this si a bad image and crystal not clear i watch out all the image clearly and also in zoom the result of this baby's photo is very fine and this picture is showing the professional photographer's hand behind this photo i like this photo....
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    Hermie is correct. The aperture is open too much. Try at least f5.6 or f8

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    The aperture is open too much.

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    A smaller aperture will help a lot but the focus is off just a tiny bit too- his nose is sharp but his eyes aren't and they should be.
    Another consideration-- all but the 50mm lens you mentioned will, at best, get you "good" results. Consumer lenses are fine but professional lenses (designated with an "L" in the Canon world) are sharper, usually faster and have better contrast and color. There is a substantial difference hence the substantial difference in price.

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    I think it may be the camera :/

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