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Thread: Seranade me (Before and after)

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    Seranade me (Before and after)

    I was wandering through Central Park with a little point and shoot camera. I came across this scene, I just loved the potential for telling a story here. I asked permission to shoot and them did a little work in Photoshop and Lightroom. Figured I would show the before/after, so you can see what I did to the image.

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    Very nice and such a nice gradient blur behind them. Nice work on these kind of photos.

    I bought a magazine where they explained how to shoot on the street. A very nice article telling you not only about the settings but also asking permission or after the shot showing the image you took to get the respect back.

    Taking a second look and I think the crop on the right side and bottom is to tight, just my 2 cents....
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    I'm really digging the processing here. You took a basic shot and turned it into an emotional story. Great job.

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