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Thread: Dynamic Link is the future

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    Dynamic Link is the future

    Although Adobe has not perfected it's innovative Dynamic Link concept yet, I believe it is the way all video editing will be done in the future.

    The idea of the creative suite has been pioneered by Adobe. I don't know why Avid hasn't tired to emulate their own version of it, like Final Cut has (Final Cut Studio). This year, Apple has taken a huge step back in the professional realm (to cash in on the amateur soccer mom market) and Adobe has taken a giant leap forward (focused entirely on professional workflow).

    With Dynamic Link, I can do things instantly that in the past would have taken several complicated steps, more drive space, and ultimately... time. For instance, if I'm editing something in Premiere, and I have a lot of clips I have manipulated in After Effects, I can make a change in After Effects, and it updates in real time on my Premiere Pro timeline. I can do the same thing in Photoshop, or Adobe Audition. That's real time editing! Can't wait to see this system when all the bugs are worked out of it. Soon we will be editing at the speed of thought

    Any thoughts?
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