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    Flash Question

    I'm pretty new to DSLR's (canon) and I'm really interested in getting an external flash. Everyone has been telling me the speedlite series is the way to go... agree/disagree?
    Second, I've found some wireless flash systems that I might be interested in. If I buy one base thing that goes on the hotshoe and one that goes to the flash it self (they're a set), it'll work, I know that. But what if I buy two of the sets, put one of the base things on the camera and have two flashes each with a wireless thing on it, both set to the same channel as the base on the camera... would that work? Am I making any sense? This is very hard to communicate via computer

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    All true. I got the speedlite 580EX flash from canon. The best there is. It works automatically with the camera and for the wireless I use the Cactus V4 (check all my gear here).

    This will sync everything. Also with a second or third flash. MAKE sure there on the same channel or else it doesn't work.

    And yes it did make sence
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    Thanks for the info!

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    Great news. Don't worry too much about the need to get more lenses. You need to experiment with all the possibilities with your kit lens.
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