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Thread: website- flash or HTML?

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    website- flash or HTML?

    I am looking to change my photography website, what are your thoughts of flash sites vs HTML? I like how large the images are on the flash sites, but read yesterday that "flash is going out" because of the mobile devices, ipads, that don't support the flash format. Any thoughts? I can't afford both so need to choose one over the other. THX!

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    Its only apple devices that don't support Flash.

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    Let's ban APPLE for still not letting Flash in!

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    Large images is not really a Flash specific ability, just optimize the images. As far as Flash for mobile, only i-devices ban it. For reasons that are equal to a playground argument.

    Build for your audience, not some clueless CEO in Cupertino.

    PS: Not sure many mobile devices would be used to look at a photography site, excluding of course a tablet, such as the XOOM, Playbook, Tab or iPad. All but the last one run Flash


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    do both.

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    I think a website with jQuery plugins implemented will be better for using

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    Considering the fact that apple devices do not support flas, it would really be wise if you go for HTML. There are a number of Apple users today and you can't lose touch of these people. Some of them are gems to business. But of course, that depends on your targets. It pays to consider your target before you do the shooting.

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    I think you can create an HTML website which has many advantages over Flash Websites. I would like to share some advantages for same.

    1. Accessibility.
    2. SE Friendly.
    3. Faster Loading.
    4. Easy to Update & Maintain.
    5. Reduces Server Loads.
    6. Browser Compatibility.
    7. Access more Visitors.
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    Flash sites are more attractive. Looks nice. But it takes a bit more time to load. Although, I like flash sites. But due to few technical issues I use HTML. You can put some flash images in your site. So, my suggestion, use HTML, that will be better. But if you develop flash site, do some optimization that would be better.
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    I likes both websites. Some features should be of HTML and some should be Flash in a website.

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