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Thread: php problems

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    php problems

    Hello I'm new to this forum and wondering if anyone can help.
    I'm tying to to test and see if my server has php. I've checked in my cpanel and it shows that there is php installed on my server. Do I need to activated in any way?
    I've been following allong with one of Collins DVD's photoshop and flash and in one section it show how to test and see if my server has php I do have cutieftp install on my computer. I'm following Collin step by step and the only thing I'm getting is an error message saying that the url can not be found.

    Any help would be most appreciated.


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    To test PHP on your server:

    1. Create a new file and save it as "info.php"
    2. Open this new file in a text editor and add the following code:

    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    3. Save the file.
    4. Upload "info.php" to your webserver in the public directory (where you add html/js/css/etc..)
    5. Open a web browser and go to and you should see the php info page. If you get an error please contact your hosting provider and confirm PHP is installed/configured.

    Hope that helps.

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