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Thread: SerenityHD - An iPhone Theme

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    SerenityHD - An iPhone Theme

    Hey everyone - long time no see. Years ago I moved onto pastures a new but upon the few visits I've had i'm so glad to see some of the old regulars I remember from yesteryear. Fotodog, I see you are still around old timer. Phil? Daz? Pixi? Still here?

    Anyway, I enjoy doing the odd graphics, icons, logos, web designs etc but it's by no means a living and just an interest and hobby, therefor in terms of work I don't have that much to offer. I am however very interested in iPhone theming and I am delving into the deep end with my first attempt. Looking around I've not seen any themes here so I am not sure how well received this will be, but I'm really just after a little input to know if i'm heading in the right direction (graphic wise) or if there are any issues etc.

    Battery Charging & Slider

    Main Icons

    SBSettings Respring Wallpaper

    To-do List:

    Music Player
    Fix center of clock hands (LiveClock Icon)
    Rework some icons
    Tweak icon border

    If you are interested in using this theme, it's being developed only for the iPhone 4. As it uses double the resolution for it's icons, GUI elements etc it won't work on a 3G or 3GS for instance and there's too much extra work involved to develop it for with resolutions and make sure they have the right filenames etc. If you are new to iPhone themes, your iPhone needs to be jailbroke and have Winterboard installed in order to use it.

    PS. The main wallpaper is 'Summerscapes' by =DreamerSeven

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