I see it on almost every site that sells something, yet I cant figure out how to do it.

I am going to be selling a product, which will have different options that will change the price, for example:

Product 1 is business cards:
menu list: qty

menu list: finish

$0 - (this would be the output based on your selection)


I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to building sites, I mainly build CSS/XHTML, I can understand PHP and Java, and for the most part manipulate the code to my needs, but I cant write PHP or Java from scratch.

How can the above function be done? I see it everywhere so it cant be that rare of a process.

I am using Dreamweaver CS4

If someone could provide me with one or some of the following it would be greatly appreciated:
• what coding language that can tackle this
• link to a post or site page that explains how to
• how to do it
• example code