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Thread: Jagged stroke line around image

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    Jagged stroke line around image

    Hi I have put a black border around this image to better portray the jagged line I am getting when applying a stroke to this image. Is there anyway to avoid this? I used the pen tool to get the shape. Thanks

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    Do you have the little box turned on for anti-aliasing?

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    Hi dont think I am using little box for anti-aliasing .. have repeated steps I used to make image and do not see an anti aliasing box .. i am using CS4. Thanks

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    Jaggged Lines on selection

    Hi found anti aliasing in make selection dialogue box and yes it was turned on

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    Hi I went to use this design again and am still having the same issues. Anyone have any suggestions. Thanks

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    wotnow, welcome to the Café.

    My first choice would be to use a vector program such as Illustrator to create that simple shape.

    Nice crisp edges, resolution free, can resize, no jaggies and easy edit.

    Hope that helps.


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    Hi thanks for your suggestion .. I am not so familiar with Illustrator but I had a go and when I saved it as a gif and then pasted it over my photo .. I had the same issue.

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    sorry forgot to include image

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    Hi wotnow,

    Don't save it as a gif, copy the whole shape to your clipboard > Open your image you want to use in photoshop > then paste the shape as a smart object.

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    Hi Thanks for the update but like I mentioned before, I am not very familiar with Illustrator. Cannot find copy to clipboard in the file menu and the only thing close is save a copy which creates an ai file on desktop which I then tried using place command and nothing. Is it not possible to create this shape in photoshop CS4?


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