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Thread: The Eddit

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    The Eddit

    My second and final entry. 100% photoshop, no pictures


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    Nice work! ...I didn't know feather quills could stand by themselves though :P I really like it though, looks great all done in PS!

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    Yeah... any ideas on that feather would be helpful... it has to be there in one way or another

    Would it be ok if it was lying down on its side?

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    ya, I think it would look good if the feather was laying angled to the paper, in the top right corner of the desk (lol, pretty much were it is now).

    Do you think a subtle moon in the window would remove the centre of attention too much?

    Also perhaps darken the shadow of the curled corner...?

    I'm being picky, over all it is awesome! I know I can't do that from scratch (yet :P)

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    I think the moon would be taking the center away, but it never hurts to try! Also the someone else mentioned the curled corner on the other thread, thanks

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    Very clean nice work Verathia

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    Edited. Original here.

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