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Thread: Problem with GuitarPro Font!

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    Problem with GuitarPro Font!

    Hi everyone!

    Ich recently set up my computer with the new windows 7 64bit os.
    I reinstallted my photoshop cs4 and my GuitarPro 5.

    Then i became a problem. Each time i use the text tool in photoshop, the probem crashes. So i searched for the error and founded out that it might be because of a font. So i searched for the font and founded out that it was because of the guitar pro font.
    So if anyone of you uses guitar pro, should know that the programm needs that font, because you can't see the notes without it.

    My Question is:
    Has anyone an idea about what i can do??
    I need that font (guitar pro 5.ttf) but i also can't use photoshop while i got it installed.
    What can i do? Is it possible to only let one programm use a specific font or something like that??

    if you have any idea, please help me!
    thanks and merry christmas

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    sry for double posting. my internet crashed and i sended it out twice. please remove one :/!

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    Use a font manager like Font Agent Pro and turn off the font when it's not needed

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    informative post.. thanks for sharing it..

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