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Thread: controlling which images are loaded in flash to increase speed

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    controlling which images are loaded in flash to increase speed

    have a website i'm doing in flash. lots of portfolio style images, really should be high res. but because of the shear volume i've had to save all the images in photoshop for web viewing, yada yada yada.

    the movie takes way too long to load if i use high res images... but is there a way to just have parts of the movie load independently. for instance if no one ever visits a portion of the portfolio can i prevent those images from loading? my thought was converting each page of the portfolio to a movie clip??? with like 10 images in a slideshow within that movie clip??? but maybe that wouldn't work. i'm thinking i should have built the site with multiple scenes?? or do all scenes load automatically anyway?

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    You will want to load a main SWF and then load each JPG into that main SWF. This will allow only the viewed content to load and cut down on overall load times. Here is one of the photo galleries I have written and provided to the public for quite some time.

    Hope this helps,

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