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Thread: Visit my portfolio website!

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    Visit my portfolio website!

    Finally after days of sleepless nights my website is already online.

    Check it out at
    You can browse through my latest works or drop a line or two in my guestbook.
    I have a few downloadable freebies too.

    Knowing that my art pieces are appreciated makes my day. Everything that is me,
    I put into every design that I make and I would like to share these things with you.


    Darlene Sanguenza
    Filipino Web and Graphic Designer / Illustrator

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    I like it a lot! There is one minor, really minor thing though: On rollover for the links, some of the buttons have a odd pixelation on them. (on the border) Maybe I'm just crazy. Don't bother me, I'm a snob.
    But awesome job.

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    fantastic, good colour scheme and original! gratz

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