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Thread: what pantone swatch to use

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    what pantone swatch to use

    For general print work what, flyers and mag ads what is usually the swatch palet to start with.pantone solid or process. Does uncoated and coated refer to whether the print stock is gloss finnish or not. Thanks sam

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    The Pantone number with a U is for uncoated stock, the Pantone number with a C is for coated stock. The mix is the same, it only gives you a representation of the ink on the stock(paper-substrate) in the book itself.

    As for using the process swatch or the solid swatch depends entirely upon whether you are printing your color built out of the 4-color process system (CMYK) or if you are mixing a definite Pantone color mixed out of the forumla of base inks.

    If you have a color critical customer with a logo then you may need to use both. CMYK (Process Printing) is an economical way to produce your customers work, but it is not an exact way to reproduce a Pantone color. That can only be done through mixing the fifth (5th) color and running your work as a 5 or even 6 color job.

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