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Thread: aligning lines of text when using bullets

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    aligning lines of text when using bullets

    i am having a problem getting second lines of text line up with the first when i use bullets or numbers.....i have looked through paragraph styles and cant figure it out...if anyone has any ideas it would help a lot


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    mike158158, welcome to the Café.

    You can use Tabs and Indents to align your bullets and text.

    In your document, Type>Show Hidden Characters.
    Type in your text with your bullets. Insert a tab between bullet and text.
    Place your cursor inside the paragraph.
    Type>Tab to show your Tab ruler.
    Adjust the Tab Stops.
    To get the second line to align, adjust the bottom Tab Stop. (Shift and drag)
    Or you can type in the Left Indent in the top Control panel.

    Hope that helps.

    You also asked about numbers aligning.

    Insert tabs in your text.
    Next use Align to Decimal tab stop.

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