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Thread: Photoshop - background glow / Gradient

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    Photoshop - background glow / Gradient

    Hey guys,

    I am trying to figure out how this one background was done.
    It looks like a Gradient, but I can't seem to do it myself.

    Please check out the pictures sample and let me know how this can be done..
    It goes from light to dark but it seems to glow around the guy, not just in a circle.

    Any help is good help.



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    Here's one really simple method:

    - Fill your background layer with a dark color.

    - Create a new layer and select a lighter shade of the same color.

    - Select the brush tool, choose a brush with a soft edge. Click, and you're done.

    Of course, you can experiment with color tones, opacity, brush sizes, softness, etc., until you get the look you want.

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    Ok I can try that :-)
    Thanks Mike P

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    No the results of your image if you get a chance!

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    I actually have another technique to suggest that is almost opposite of what MikeP suggested, but not necessarily any better. (it's a matter of which technique you feel better using)

    I would fill the background with the light color
    Then I would use the lasso tool with a 125-250 px feather to draw a selection around the subject
    Select Inverse
    Create a new levels adjustment layer
    Drag the middle slider to the right to darken your selection.

    I personally like this technique because the mask is editable (so I can use a large, soft brush to darken more or less, or even use a lower opacity brush to make the change in tone more gradual) I also like it because with the lasso tool you can customize the halo effect to the general shape of your subject (or just use the circular marquee tool with a feather to create a circle)

    Anyway.. Just something more for you to experiment with. Have fun!


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