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Thread: Printing business cards in Illustrator CS3

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    The Appearances are not Expanded so therefore you SHOULD only have one card not multiple cards.

    All you can do Daz is fill out Adobeís Bug form and submit.

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    so everything works fine...except that only the balck was copied over from PS to OI i did everything it said to im a newbie at AI so its probably something simple...anyone know what?

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    I have designed a business card in illustrator cs3. The size of the graphics is 55 mm x 85 mm. I would like to print 10 on one page is there an easy way to do this and I can't find where to set the dpi in illustrator cs3,

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    Follow Philips tutorial.
    To set the ppi in Illustrator to go File > New > (advance) > Raster Effects


    Effect > Document Raster Effects Settings.

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    Nice tut. I'll have to print it out and apply the steps when setting up for BC production on the Xerox Docucolor. I like the fact that if a correction needs to be made, it is done on one card and auto-updated on the rest. That right there saves a great amount of time.

    dpi is print resolution for final output controlled through the print driver and printer
    ppi is for on-screen resolution for displayed raster images in the work area.

    afaik, on-screen ppi is independent from dpi print resolution.
    ...low resolution jpegs will not print any better than the image file being used.


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    The long tutorial comment seems to cover everything nicely. Just remember to print out a test sheet first before trying it out on your business card paper because there's almost always a problem with the first print. A few adjustments as needed will be enough to correct any mishaps, though.

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    Way to go above and beyond Neal! I would suggest to just follow Nealís tutorial and just make sure to print a test sheet on normal paper, then hold it up to your card sheet just to be safe.

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