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Thread: Photoshop CS3 for Digital Photographers - Should I?

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    Photoshop CS3 for Digital Photographers - Should I?

    I have been mastering the latest video and I wonder what you think? I have 6 hours of content!! (Up from 3.5 hours last time)

    I'm thinking of breaking it into 2 disks. PS CS3 for digital Photographers and a sepearate Retouching one. Ill have to add a littlee more content for the retouching one. If I do this then the price will be less for each disk vs one big, expensive disk. Here's what Ive got on it...
    Photoshop CS3 for Digital Photographers
    1. Import from Camera 5:57
    a. Import all your photos directly fro a digital camera. A hidden feature in Bridge CS3.
    2. Bridge Overview 6:07
    a. Take a tour of the new Bridge CS3. Get oriented quickly.
    3. Bridge Sorting 5:17
    a. Sort through tons of images and quickly whittle the haystack down to a handful of manageable needles.
    4. Bridge Keywords 6:31
    a. Adding Keywords. Setting up searches and tagging all your photos quickly.
    5. Batch Rename 5:16
    a. Rename your photos in one fell swoop to something that makes sense to a human. Donít rename them one at a time!
    6. Metadata 7:35
    a. Understanding metadata and bending it to serve you. (XMP, IPTC, EXIF etc). This stuff is powerful and essential.
    7. Bridge Tips 6:02
    a. Learn shortcuts and tips to make you efficient in Bridge. Donít plod around anymore.
    8. Camera Raw Workflow 28:04
    a. Camera Raw has grown up. Understand your new workflow. Learn how the pros do it.
    9. Batch Camera Raw -jpg 3:31
    a. Want to edit multiple images in one hit in Camera Raw? Youíll learn this and how to edit jpg and tiff in Camera Raw.
    10. Camera Raw retouch 11.05
    a. Learn to use all the non-destructive retouching tools in Adobe Camera Raw 4.
    11. Camera Raw creative 8:38
    a. Get Creative with Camera Raw. Split-toning, sepia and grayscale. Youíll be amazed at how easily you can transform your photos into works of art.
    12. Shadow/Highlight 3:45
    a. Open up shadows and restore highlights in your photos with ease.
    13. Eyedropper 8:27
    a. Use the eyedropper and info palette to add luster to dull images. This is one industrial-strength technique for you to add to your arsenal.
    14. Contrast 6:27
    a. Take a faded, washed out image and breath new life into it
    15. Curves Overview 14:56
    a. Understand how Curves work. Donít just push buttons and drag things. Understand what your doing. Explained in simple, no nonsense language.
    16. Color correction 4:13
    a. A trick to quickly remove the color cast from any photo.
    17. Color correction curves 4:43
    a. Use the power of curves to make the colors behave themselves in your photos. Remove color casts and fix bad images.
    18. LAB mode 7:20
    a. This oneís for the really stubborn images. Youíll be amazed at the difference this makes to your photos.

    19. Cropping 4:57
    a. Quickly prepare you image to print nicely on a targeted size and resolution. Itís easier than you think with this trick.
    20. Sharpening 11:31
    a. Learn what happens to your photo when you sharpen. Discover two techniques that help you get the best sharpening results.
    21. High Pass sharpening 2:14
    a. A non-destructive sharpening technique thatís used by the entertainment industry.
    22. Healing and Redeye 1:22
    a. Get rid of red eye. Also discover how you can get rid of blemishes like pimples. Itís so easy, youíll laugh.
    23. Noise 6:17
    a. Learn 2 techniques that will remove color noise and luminosity noise from your photos.
    24. Straighten 4:35
    a. 3 techniques to straighten crooked images. Take your pick.
    25. Lens correction 6:12
    a. Fix barreling, keystones and more.
    26. Patch 2:07
    a. Remove the reflections from glass.
    27. Weight Loss 3:56
    a. Instant Photoshop weight-loss program
    28. Smart Objects 14:08
    a. Understand how to use Smart Objects and Smart Filters. Non-destructive filters are here in Photoshop. Learn all the insider secrets of this new feature.
    29. Panorama 6:48
    a. Create a seamless panorama. Youíll create a sweeping panorama of the Grand Canyon from 5 photos. Yep, itís safe for you to do this at home.
    30. Vanishing point 12:03
    a. Use the new Vanishing point 2. Add a logo to several surfaces, clone, and paint in 3D space.
    31. Cloning
    a. Use the new clone source palette. CS3 allows you to do more things with cloning that you can imagine. Demystify it here.
    32. Dodge and Burn 10:01
    a. Forget the Dodge, Burn and Sponge tool. They are old-hat. Welcome to the new School. Get creative and flexible results using this method.
    33. Quick Select/Refine Edge 10:43
    a. Discover the new Quick select tool. Also learn about refine edge to get crisp and clean edges on your cutouts.
    34. Extract 9:50
    a. Use this method to remove an object from its background. This technique even works well on soft edges like hair. Here you will learn a real-world workflow.
    35. Color Range 18:26
    a. Mask impossible images. This workflow will show you the most accurate way to remove an object from its background. This is advanced masking and it really works.

    36. Black and White 4:52
    a. Turn color images into stunning Black and White beauties. The correct way!
    37. HDR 9:45
    a. Learn about HDR (High Dynamic Range). Produce images with a huge dynamic range where detail is clear in both shadows and highlights.
    38. Split ND 5:23
    a. Make all your skies look great. How about nice detailed clouds and well lit landscapes instead of blown out skies and dark muddy landscapes?
    39. Masks (localized adjustments?) 8:19
    a. Use Layer Masks to paint in your image adjustments exactly where you want them.
    40. Depth of Field 10:51
    a. This technique will add believable depth of field to you images. Create dreamy backgrounds while keeping your main subject crisply in focus.
    41. Gritty effect 6:07
    a. Learn how to create a gritty, urban feel with your photos. Make your photos look like they were shot with a big budget.
    42. Soft Glow 4:44
    a. Add to soft romantic glow to portraits. Take a snapshot and make it look like a high-end portrait sitting.
    43. Photos into paintings 6:25
    a. Take a photo and make it look like a watercolor painting. Even add the canvas texture.

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    Wow, thats a lot of info. Looks great. From looking at it it seems like most of it would fall into the retouching category already. I think one big "info packed" disc would be awesome.

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    I wanna buy it already!!!

    I'm very interested in retouch (removing the second scin, ect.), and i'm thinking about a way to get an update on PS CS3.

    Also jpeg and raw..... I think you added some new stuff and yes throw in the wacom and you got a deal!

    I would pay more for a double dvd than to buy two or three dvd.

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    Perhaps do both? You could have one package that comes with both discs for $$$, or you could just buy one of the discs for $$?

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    I'm in, it looks great to me. One disk or two, just be sure to get my address right when you ship my order.

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    Personally. As a buisness person since I know how you work and function. I think your better combing it all together. I personally wouldnt want to rumble through the cd cases to switch cd's to save a few pennies.

    If you realy own full versions etc of adobe software. Your Big package should be within reason. Yes even college students should be able to technically afford whatever the cost.

    If its 1 DVD holding both cd's. You would also be able to carry twice as many of them to the convention.

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    I say go for it, you have already done all the work so at this point you have everything to gain and nothing to loose.

    As a side note I think that the disk should be sent out to all of those loyal customers such as myself that have already purchased the book. . . just a thought.

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    Originally posted by JimG
    I say go for it, you have already done all the work so at this point you have everything to gain and nothing to loose.

    As a side note I think that the disk should be sent out to all of those loyal customers such as myself that have already purchased the book. . . just a thought.
    Next you'll want Colin to sign it!

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    Well yeah, what else would one expect. . .Just make that out to Jim if you would Colin

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    Ill do it just as soon as I can get my bank to agree to let me off my mortgage payments

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