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Thread: Changing Altoids Logo to "hemoroids"

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    Changing Altoids Logo to \"hemoroids\"

    Hey guys, I'm working on a gag photo for my boss. I want to change the altoids logo to show hemoroids and I would like to make the font and extrusion of the type the same.

    does anyone know how to do the extrusion that the altoids logo has? i've seen this effect many times and am curious how to do it.
    here is a scan of a altoids box


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    Fun joke. lol.

    Try this:

    Find a font that sort of matches (if you don't have one try
    copy your background layer and paint over the original text.
    Type your new text on a new layer and to Layer>Layer Style>Bevel and Emboss and use these settings:

    Style: Outer Bevel
    Technique: Smooth (or hard chisel if you like it better)
    Depth: 1000
    Direction: Up
    Size: 1 (or more if you want)
    Soften: 0
    Angle: 120*
    UNCHECK Use Global Light
    Highlight Mode: Screen
    Opacity: 0%
    Shadow Mode: Multiply
    Opacity: 100%
    Color: #927D59 or similar.

    These are just settings I used when trying to replicate the effect. There might be a better way. Hope it helps!! Good luck!


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    Heh... Here's my sample so you can see how it looks: lol

    The font I used was "ParmaPetit-HeavySwinging"

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    ha ha!!

    he he... he's gonna love it. I plan on making this a card for him. he's going into surgery on friday. i hope it cheers him up!

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    ...that's wat he's going under for, he won't be tickled fancy i am sure hahahahaha....sorry could not resist..

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