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Thread: True Type Fonts Problem

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    True Type Fonts Problem


    I need help with my type tool in PhotoshopCS. Just recently, the type tool isn't giving me smooth fonts and I don't know how to fix it. The letters are jagged pixels..... They print out that way too. I didn't want to start clicking on options because I don't want to make it worse than it is.

    Can someone tell me what I need to do to get it back to where it us before I messed it up?

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    Make sure your Anti-Aliasing is set to something other than none.

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    Where would I find that "anit-alias" option?

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    When you click on the text tool it's at the top of the screen. It's the drop down box next to two lower case letter "a's". Change it to anything other than none.

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    Oh wonderful! Thank you all for your help! You saved me bunches of time looking and reading for it!!

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