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Thread: **Important** New Fixtures List

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    **Important** New Fixtures List

    Ok this is finally done, please check your upcoming fixtures here !

    Round 1

    slots v PNeal
    JME v jusu
    Hannu v paradox
    rayvolvez v fotodog
    PM v ranjit_nepal
    Josh v loky
    joe roe v Hermie
    Solo v uk2usadaz
    Gankstah v Hrc

    Round 2

    PNeal v Hrc
    uk2usadaz v Gankstah
    Hermie v Solo
    loky v joe roe
    ranjit_nepal v Josh
    fotodog v PM
    paradox v rayvolvez
    jusu v Hannu
    slots v JME

    Round 3

    JME v PNeal
    Hannu v slots
    rayvolvez v jusu
    PM v paradox
    Josh v fotodog
    joe roe v ranjit_nepal
    Solo v loky
    Gankstah v Hermie
    Hrc v uk2usadaz

    Round 4

    PNeal v uk2usadaz
    Hermie v Hrc
    loky v Padiq
    ranjit_nepal v Solo
    fotodog v joe roe
    paradox v Josh
    jusu v PM
    slots v rayvolvez
    JME v Hannu

    Round 5

    Hannu v PNeal
    rayvolvez v JME
    PM v slots
    Josh v jusu
    joe roe v paradox
    Solo v fotodog
    Padiq v ranjit_nepal
    Hrc v loky
    uk2usadaz v Hermie

    Round 6

    PNeal v Hermie
    loky v uk2usadaz
    ranjit_nepal v Hrc
    fotodog v Padiq
    paradox v Solo
    jusu v joe roe
    slots v Josh
    JME v PM
    Hannu v rayvolvez

    Round 7

    rayvolvez v PNeal
    PM v Hannu
    Josh v JME
    joe roe v slots
    Solo v jusu
    Padiq v paradox
    Hrc v fotodog
    uk2usadaz v ranjit_nepal
    Hermie v loky

    Round 8

    PNeal v loky
    ranjit_nepal v Hermie
    fotodog v uk2usadaz
    paradox v Hrc
    jusu v Padiq
    slots v Solo
    JME v joe roe
    Hannu v Josh
    rayvolvez v PM

    Round 9

    PM v PNeal
    Josh v rayvolvez
    joe roe v Hannu
    Solo v JME
    Padiq v slots
    Hrc v jusu
    uk2usadaz v paradox
    Hermie v fotodog
    loky v ranjit_nepal

    Round 10

    PNeal v ranjit_nepal
    fotodog v loky
    paradox v Hermie
    jusu v uk2usadaz
    slots v Hrc
    JME v Padiq
    Hannu v Solo
    rayvolvez v joe roe
    PM v Josh

    Round 11

    Josh v PNeal
    joe roe v PM
    Solo v rayvolvez
    Padiq v Hannu
    Hrc v JME
    uk2usadaz v slots
    Hermie v jusu
    loky v paradox
    ranjit_nepal v fotodog

    Round 12

    PNeal v fotodog
    paradox v ranjit_nepal
    jusu v loky
    slots v Hermie
    JME v uk2usadaz
    Hannu v Hrc
    rayvolvez v Padiq
    PM v Solo
    Josh v joe roe

    Round 13

    joe roe v PNeal
    Solo v Josh
    Padiq v PM
    Hrc v rayvolvez
    uk2usadaz v Hannu
    Hermie v JME
    loky v slots
    ranjit_nepal v jusu
    fotodog v paradox

    Round 14

    PNeal v paradox
    jusu v fotodog
    slots v ranjit_nepal
    JME v loky
    Hannu v Hermie
    rayvolvez v uk2usadaz
    PM v Hrc
    Josh v Padiq
    joe roe v Solo

    Round 15

    Solo v PNeal
    Padiq v joe roe
    Hrc v Josh
    uk2usadaz v PM
    Hermie v rayvolvez
    loky v Hannu
    ranjit_nepal v JME
    fotodog v slots
    paradox v jusu

    Round 16

    PNeal v jusu
    slots v paradox
    JME v fotodog
    Hannu v ranjit_nepal
    rayvolvez v loky
    PM v Hermie
    Josh v uk2usadaz
    joe roe v Hrc
    Solo v Padiq

    Round 17

    Padiq v PNeal
    Hrc v Solo
    uk2usadaz v joe roe
    Hermie v Josh
    loky v PM
    ranjit_nepal v rayvolvez
    fotodog v Hannu
    paradox v JME
    jusu v slots

    LOL the above is 10 hours in the making. I'm glad that I got them out finally.

    Updated with Padiq replacing Gankstah. Hope there's no error.

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    Round 18

    PNeal v slots
    jusu v JME
    paradox v Hannu
    fotodog v rayvolvez
    ranjit_nepal vPM
    loky v Josh
    Hermie v joe roe
    uk2usadaz v Solo
    Hrc v Padiq

    Round 19

    Hrc v PNeal
    Padiq v uk2usadaz
    Solo v Hermie
    joe roe v loky
    Josh v ranjit_nepal
    PM v fotodog
    rayvolvez v paradox
    Hannu v jusu
    JME v slots

    Round 20

    PNeal v JME
    slots v Hannu
    jusu v rayvolvez
    paradox v PM
    fotodog v Josh
    ranjit_nepal v joe roe
    loky v Solo
    Hermie v Padiq
    uk2usadaz v Hrc

    Round 21

    uk2usadaz v PNeal
    Hrc v Hermie
    Padiq v loky
    Solo v ranjit_nepal
    joe roe v fotodog
    Josh v paradox
    PM v jusu
    rayvolvez v slots
    Hannu v JME

    Round 22

    PNeal v Hannu
    JME v rayvolvez
    slots v JME
    jusu v Josh
    paradox v joe roe
    fotodog v Solo
    ranjit_nepal v ranjit_nepal
    loky v Hrc
    Hermie v uk2usadaz

    Round 23

    Hermie v PNeal
    uk2usadaz v loky
    Hrc v ranjit_nepal
    Padiq v fotodog
    Solo v paradox
    joe roe v jusu
    Josh v slots
    PM v JME
    rayvolvez v Hannu

    Round 24

    PNeal v rayvolvez
    Hannu v PM
    JME v Josh
    slots v joe roe
    jusu v Solo
    paradox v Padiq
    fotodog v Hrc
    ranjit_nepal v uk2usadaz
    loky v Hermie

    Round 25

    loky v PNeal
    Hermie v ranjit_nepal
    uk2usadaz v fotodog
    Hrc v paradox
    Padiq v jusu
    Solo v slots
    joe roe v JME
    Josh v Hannu
    PM v rayvolvez

    Round 26

    PNeal v PM
    rayvolvez v Josh
    Hannu v joe roe
    JME v Solo
    slots v Padiq
    jusu v Hrc
    paradox v uk2usadaz
    fotodog v Hermie
    ranjit_nepal v loky

    Round 27

    ranjit_nepal v PNeal
    loky v fotodog
    Hermie v paradox
    uk2usadaz v jusu
    Hrc v slots
    Padiq v JME
    Solo v Hannu
    joe roe v rayvolvez
    Josh v PM

    Round 28

    PNeal v Josh
    PM v joe roe
    rayvolvez v Solo
    Hannu v Padiq
    JME v Hrc
    slots v uk2usadaz
    jusu v Hermie
    paradox v loky
    fotodog v ranjit_nepal

    Round 29

    Fotodog v PNeal
    ranjit_nepal v paradox
    loky v jusu
    Hermie v slots
    uk2usadaz v JME
    Hrc v Hannu
    Padiq v rayvolvez
    Solo v PM
    joe roe v Josh

    Round 30

    PNeal v joe roe
    Josh v Solo
    PM v Padiq
    rayvolvez v Hrc
    Hannu v uk2usadaz
    JME v Hermie
    slots v loky
    jusu v ranjit_nepal
    paradox v fotodog

    Round 31

    Paradox v PNeal
    fotodog v jusu
    ranjit_nepal v slots
    loky v JME
    Hermie v Hannu
    uk2usadaz v rayvolvez
    Hrc v PM
    Padiq v Josh
    Solo v joe roe

    Round 32

    PNeal v Solo
    joe roe v Padiq
    Josh v Hrc
    PM v uk2usadaz
    rayvolvez v Hermie
    Hannu v loky
    JME v ranjit_nepal
    slots v fotodog
    jusu v paradox

    Round 33

    Jusu v PNeal
    paradox v slots
    fotodog v JME
    ranjit_nepal v Hannu
    loky v rayvolvez
    Hermie v PM
    uk2usadaz v Josh
    Hrc v joe roe
    Padiq v Solo

    Round 34

    PNeal v Padiq
    Solo v Hrc
    joe roe v uk2usadaz
    Josh v Hermie
    PM v loky
    rayvolvez v ranjit_nepal
    Hannu v fotodog
    JME v paradox
    slots v jusu

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    how do u enter???

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    Originally posted by padiq
    how do u enter???
    maybe you might want to put your name down as a ready substitute whenever someone in the league can't make it for a particular week..

    it would be nightmare to refix the whole fixtures list.. and we do need an even number of participants.. moreover, we had had our gameweek 1 already..


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    Please reply on this thread to acknowledge that fixtures list have been checked.


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    have this fixtures list been checked?

    please check for week3..

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    Dej(near Cluj)

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    there is many mistakes in the fixture, some people have regular two chances to announce. please check.

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    Originally posted by ranjit_nepal
    there is many mistakes in the fixture, some people have regular two chances to announce. please check.
    As per the real league game in soccer, certain teams get 2 home games straight or 2 away games straight, but no more than that. So if u get 2 away games straight now, you get 2 home games later in the second half of league. So theoretically, you dont lose out at all.

    There is no error in the fixtures generating as it is done by an algorithm, i.e. by the computer itself, if i'm to do the fixtures one by one on my own, I would have gone to heaven earlier.

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