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Thread: GRAPICS MASTERSSS!!....beat this!!

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    GRAPICS MASTERSSS!!....beat this!!

    can sum1 tell me how to do this......
    the man who did this...told me he did,nt actually did this..
    he found a website.....
    he just put the text "joubonjala"
    and that website did this 4 him...

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    its an emegency.....ny1 gimme the website where i can find these templates???!!

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    Haven't seen this site before.

    Interesting concept.
    If you've got Photoshop, it's something you could do yourself in just a few minutes.

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    how??????tell me how??

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    got ur u2u, thanks for the compliment, but too high a hat for me..

    these are achievable within few mins each..

    presuming in photoshop..

    1st one : duplicate the floor layer, make ur type, choose a similar font, i think font angelina may be a good choice or something graffiti like, then turn the fill opacity to 0%, set inner shadow, play with the settings..

    2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th image: set ur type, then ctrl-t free transform, right click, use distort to get the angle and perspective of the relevant.. this is very much on self adjustment..

    use image warp if u need some slight curvatures like in the 8th image..

    3rd one, u need to free transform, distort first on u may use image warp(cs2), then perhaps, the text on a blending mode, i will think screen may do it.. did not really try..

    5th one, distort and a minor image warp will do the trick..

    10th one has a white stroke around it.. 11th is jus putting the text onto the shirt..

    hope this helps..

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    wwwooow!!!nice help..
    but wud you plz tell me how i can get this blank template......?
    thnx again

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    the blank template meaning these images without text?

    u can get some free stock images from to work with.. but i wld presume tat they are not blank..

    so u may have to take the clone stamp to remove the original text..

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    but i thing that i hide from you that i am a totall newbie..
    i don't hav photoshop in my computer

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    woah man.. not sure how i can help then..

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