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Thread: Help with background!

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    Help with background!


    I'm gonna try to attach two picture to this messeges but i don't know if it'll work...anyway....I have taken a picture of my avatar in second life....the background on it is know white. Then I have downloaded another picture from google that I want to use as a background do I get my avatar to the background i want and make the white go away? Please help me! Tell me the easiest way cause am new to this=)
    Thanks for taking your time!

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    Use layers and layer mask. Background image on one layer the forground picture on the other. Use layer mask to hide or reveal the areas of the each layer that you want to show.

    One thing I would like to add to this is that since you did not create the background image that you intend to use make sure that you have permission to use the image or that it is a royalty free image.

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