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    strange Bars

    Hi, I have been using PS for years now. Currently I'm using 6.0 on my PC. I have noticed recently that when I open an otherwise perfect picture, strange bars appear on the image. To make matters worse, they appear and dissapear as I rotate and crop the image. I re-installed my PS, hoping it was some weird kinky bug, but it is now on every image I have. The bars appear in C, M & Y but never K - i dont know why this is happening. Its harshing my mellow man.
    Seriously, its impossible to scan or do anything anymore. I have a sample, but its on my desktop, so it doesnt have a url. if anyone has ever heard/seen this, any help would be greatley appreciated. Thanks

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    i was able to load a sample of the problem. the pic is small, but the problem is very obvious. usually this appears all over the picture, and can appear as i am using the eraser! any takers?

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    Don't use the eraser.

    No, actually, seriously don't use it. Layer masking is so much better, even if just a white background layer.

    As to your problem, I've never seen anything like it. I'd contact Adobe directly.

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