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    Network Monitor

    I have a wireless setup, I have it encrypted using WEP, I know this isnt that secure but it will keep the majority of people that dont know that much about computers off my internet. But we just got a new neighbor and im worried that he may be using it. What I'm wondering is if there are any network monitoring software, that is free, that I can run while im sleeping/away and it will track who logs onto my network, time, etc... And would there be anyway to mess with his computer if he is on my network? I'm not talking about formatting it or hacking it, just a little warning. Thanks


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    First off I would say that instead of worrying about messing with his computer, just be sure you do whatever you can about keeping him off your network. Since you don't like the thought of him snooping around stuff, then why would you do that to him. Also, most likely he will be savvy enough to know you're playing with his stuff and will retaliate. Just secure your stuff as best you can.

    Find a friend or read up on WPA security and get that up and running. Also, what I do every time I am not using my wireless setup....unplug it. Then he has nothing to snoop with.

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    From what I understand about wireless networks, there are two easy ways to secure it. Don't ask me how this is done, but the priciples are:

    Login/Password protection (obviously)

    The other one is a system setting. Apparently your wireless hub is constantly sending out a signal "here I am, here I am", and your computer notices this signal and replies to it. There is a way, somehow, to reverse this, so your hub stays silent unless called upon by your computer.

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    >>Linky for Wireless Security<<

    The above is a good article to get you started toward a secure network. You can also go to the main web site of brand of the wireless router you are using. D-Link, Linsys, Netgear etcetera all have forums and Support you can contact for setting up a secure network.

    It is highly recommended that WPA security is needed at this point. WEP is easily beaten now, with many tools to quickly breach it's security.

    >> Another Linky<<

    And above is another article on how to set up WPA security on your wireless network. Good luck!

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    Also, if you are able, use MAC address filtering. This way and unauthroized address that are able to get through WEP, can't get through because they don't have an authroized MAC address. ALL wireless devices come with their own MAC address. It works great on my netork. If you need assistance, U2U or email me

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    With WPA it is recommended to NOT use Mac Filtering since the Mac Address can be cloned pretty easily. In some cases you can't use Mac Filtering with WPA since there are some conflicts with activating both. User discretion is advised.

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    honestly...why do you care if he's using your internet? You could just password protect your router but make sure you don't keep the default router password.

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    His concern isn't that the guy is sponging off the internet. His concern is that the neighbor is snooping around his machine. Password protecting the router doesn't stop someone from sponging off his machine. If someone is stealing your bandwidth and internet connection, they are stealing. The OP is the one paying for it, why the heck should he pay for the neighbor's internet fix? Maybe the OP should buy his groceries and car washes too right?

    @Meatpuff - What makes you think he is using your wireless router? What signs are you seeing now that he moved in?

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    Originally posted by Derek
    honestly...why do you care if he's using your internet? You could just password protect your router but make sure you don't keep the default router password.
    You need to worry in case the person uses it for illegal purposes, since the trail will lead to you. This is the same for bookstores and coffee shops, which is part of the reason for the outbreak of rental fees and contracts.


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